Lynn Crandall Editing Services

Editing Especially for the Romance Writer

Skilled Editing is Important

Skilled and insightful editing helps strengthen the structure and readability of writing. Good editing is invisible, but it enhances the reading experience for readers. It is a pleasure to work with authors to help them fine tune the writing to end up with a book that is the best it can be.


I am a published romance author myself. I can appreciate the romance writer’s desire to bring their stories to life, and have an understanding of the mechanics of writing. Though I’m focusing on romance authors, I have meaningful experience editing other genres, as well.


As a supporter of love stories and those who write them, but writers in general, I’m offering introductory prices for editing services that can enable any writer to get experienced and skilled input.

Free: I will read and provide developmental editing with detailed written editing notes for the first five pages of a full, completed manuscript, so those interested in my services can get a feel for my work and my style.

$125: I will read, edit, and provide detailed written editing notes at $125 for a manuscript of up to 80,000 words. Factors such as page length and quality of writing, which may affect the time I need to edit, may affect price.

For other projects, such as short stories, I charge a minimum of $25.

For proofing services of a manuscript up to 80,000 words I charge $80.

I’d love to work with you! Send me an email describing the type of project you’re interested in or ask me questions and I’ll get back to you soon!

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